Building Process

Here’s what to expect during the major phases of construction

To help you prepare for and understand your new home’s construction, we will outline here the typical steps we will take in the construction of a home and will help keep you abreast of what happens at key stages. See below for steps to have Graiver Homes build your new home on land outside of our developments. It is our goal to make the building process as stress free as possible-even enjoyable!

Phase 1

During the first phase of the project we will start by preparing the site for your new home. This process includes a surveyor to locate the placement of your home, followed by the installation and waterproofing of the foundation on your lot.

Around this same time, we will also request that you make your home selections. We are aware making selections can be very exciting and overwhelming, so we have streamlined our systems to make this process as pleasurable and stress free as possible. Our project manager, Shannon Croteau, will schedule a one on one visit with you to our showroom, which typically takes an hour or less. Our showroom includes all the popular selections that are trending right now without too many choices to be overwhelming. We even have complete style packages to view, in case you are not sure where to start. Everything in our showroom is within your budget, so no need to worry about seeing something that you love, that’s not in your budget and no need to bring your checkbook. However, we do offer many upgraded items and add-on’s that you can choose from, if desired.

Once the foundation has been poured and cured, the focus shifts to completing the framing of your new home. After the shell is framed and all the windows, doors and roof are all installed, we can now start the “rough-in” process. Rough-in is where our electricians begin the wiring and choosing the placement of all outlets and switches per code. The plumbers start the installation of the heat system, sewer and water supply lines, and your bathtub and/or shower units are set into place. Once rough in is completed the insulation process of your home starts. In most cities and towns, the local code officer will inspect and sign off on homes being built in four stages; when foundation is being poured, when rough -in is completed, after the initial insulation is installed and of course once your home is 100% finished.

Phase 2

Things really start coming together as we install drywall and paint primer. Interior trim will start transforming the shell into a home, as your kitchen and bathroom cabinets are installed along with baseboards, window sills, hardwood and tile. Meanwhile, contractors begin hanging siding and exterior finishes.

Phase 3

As we enter the final stage of the home building process, counter tops and sinks will be placed, followed by appliances. Our plumber and electrician will install all the fixtures you have selected and complete the heating systems. Last but not least, your carpet and final coat of paint will be completed.

The exterior of your home comes to completion as we finish grading and seeding to ensure proper drainage away from the home and to prepare the yard. Soon after, your driveway and walkways are paved.

Prior to your final walk through, your new home will be professionally cleaned. Shannon will contact you for your final walkthrough to not only present you, your final product but also to acquaint you with your new home’s features and operation of various systems and components.

Process to Build on Land Outside of Our Developments

Step 1: Pick out plan that fits your needs along with a lot that is within your budget.

Step 2: A purchase and sales agreement is executed between buyer and Graiver Homes with a reasonable deposit that is subject to Graiver Homes acquiring the desired lot.

Step 3: Graiver Homes puts lot under contract with seller subject to satisfactory title and other conditions such as satisfactory earth work estimate.

Step 4: Graiver Homes closes on lot with cash.

Step 5: Buyer meets with project manager and delivers a larger non-refundable down payment per the original purchase agreement. We are off and running!